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Calling all Agents!

Do you represent an Agency?

Are you looking to increase your network of accredited summer school programmes? Look no further!

All agent enquiries are very welcome. We offer great rates of commission or competitive net fees for larger groups.

If you are interested in working with us please contact Nick Barnard via info@manorcourses.co.uk

Here is a PowerPoint presentation to use to promote our courses.

What you need to know!

  • Both individuals and groups are welcome. If we have the availability and nationality quotas are not breached we are happy to consider all group sizes.
  • We have been working with a network of Agencies for many years (some for more than 25 years) who will be happy to provide references.
  • We meet all students (individuals and groups) at the airport and transfer them directly to Hurst College.
  • Agents enrolling a group of students will send a Group Leader – we offer a free Group Leader place for every 10 students to new partner Agencies.
  • Group Leaders have responsibilities, mainly registering their students for the afternoon and evening activities. They will also assist us with monitoring their students’ attendance in class as well as escorting their group on excursions.
  • Each and every student, even if not part of group or travelling without a Group Leader, will receive a high standard of personal care and attention.

It may be necessary for you to complete the New Agency Profile Form.

Here is some useful information about being an agent from the British Council www.britishcouncil.org/education/education-agents/training-agents and from English UK www.englishuk.com/en/agents

Tailor-made courses for your group’s specific needs:

  • Extra tuition for closed groups.
  • Exam preparation for Trinity exams.
  • Specific excursions.
  • Special needs.
  • UK TOUR; a one week tour of the UK.

For Group Leaders:

There are many expectations that Manor Courses have of your Group Leaders. These include:

  • Registering your students and recording their activity choices.
  • Checking absences from lesson and finding out why your students did not attend.
  • Reporting medical and welfare issues to the appropriate people, accompanying your students to hospital visits.
  • Helping in houses during evening registers and afternoon orientations.
  • Knowing and identifying fire exits and assembly points to your students.
  • Translating rules and information.
  • Assisting in discipline and complaints procedures.
  • Keeping a bank system for your students’ pocket money.
  • Accompanying your students on excursions, ensuring traffic safety, remaining with children 12 years or younger at all times. Clarifying all meeting times and meeting points, and rules, with your students.

Download the MC Group Leaders’ Handbook here.

Here are some links about life, laws and safety in UK:


Download the Manor Courses English Summer School Brochure

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