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We have started recruiting staff for summer 2023.

Details and downloads are now available below.

Most Contracts for new staff include: 3 staff induction days + 1 and a half student welcome/orientation days before the work rota begins. Minimal contracts are for 2 weeks, though the details are not below. For 2 or longer 5 week details please email.

Induction starts:  Arriving in the evening of Thursday 6th July to be ready on campus. This is 3 days long. It is followed by 1 and a half more days, called Welcome Day and Orientation Day, before the routine really starts. Additional to the working weeks’ salary, an extra 4 and a half days are paid for full attendance.

Interested? Email Jon first to see what is available jon@manorcourses.co.uk . Please complete the updated 2023 Application Form, email us and be patient as we consider all other applications and student enrolments. Please email before posting any documents in the mail.

Working Conditions: All these posts are residential positions and involve residential and excursion supervisory roles and involve working with people under the age of 18. Each week is on average a 6 day working week of average 48 hours. Some weeks exceed 48 hours, and include working weekends. Salaries are dependent on candidates’ age group, those aged over 23 years old are paid a higher rate, those under 21 years old are paid a lower rate.

Criminal Records: All candidates must be willing to undergo a Police / Criminal records check (DBS) or apply and submit an international equivalent, to prove suitability to work with young people.

Work Permit / Resident status: All candidates should be UK passport holders or hold their UK visa already (we are not able to obtain Permits or Visas for applicants).

Insurance: We recommend all staff bring some kind of health insurance for any accidents they may encounter whilst not on duty during their stay at Hurst. Travel insurance is recommended for any non UK citizens.

Work with us


EFL Teachers

CLICK here to download the ELT JOB DESCRIPTION .

All EFL Teacher applicants should:

  • Have a degree
  • Have a Trinity TESOL/Cambridge CELTA certificate. Any other ELT qualifications must have a minimum 100 hours training input, include a minimum 6 hours supervised teaching practice (by a qualified observer), and must be externally validated by an examination board or university, and cannot be a solely online training course
  • Or have a PGCE or QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) or an international equivalent that qualifies you to teach EFL
  • Have experience in a similar teaching environment (eg. in EFL or other languages, or worth with teenagers, or in a residential setting)
  • Be prepared to accept other duties as well as teaching (ie. excursions, residential supervision)
  • Although not essential, the ideal candidate will also demonstrate some commitment to their continued professional development (eg. attended conferences/seminars/workshops, have a Trinity DipTESOL / Cambridge DELTA, or Young Learner qualification)
  • We will also prioritse teachers with experience with IWBs and course books aimed at the YL/teens market (although training will be provided).

Sports Leaders // Performing Arts Leaders // Art & Crafts Leaders

All Activity Leader applicants should:

  • Have relevant qualifications – training / degrees / certificates
  • Have experience of working with children
  • Be prepared to accept other duties as well as activities leading (i.e. excursions, residential supervision)
  • Be prepared to motivate and inspire young students
  • Be able to organise tournaments or competitions in a range of activities
  • Be able to plan and promote activities to children of different languages and cultures.
  • Be flexible and willing to adapt to different students wishes and needs.

House Managers // First Aiders

All House Manager applicants should:

  • Have experience of working with, or desire to work with, children
  • Be prepared to accept other duties as well as residential supervision (i.e. excursions, leading activities)
  • Be dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable environment for children away from home.


All First Aider applicants should:

  • Have relevant training, eg. St John Ambulance First Aid At Work
  • Be able to work under pressure and respond to emergency scenarios
  • Know how to use medicines and to diagnose health problems.

CLICK here to download the old FIRST AIDER JOB DESCRIPTION 

Apply to work for us


Download the Word version of our Application Form by clicking here.  Then please complete it digitally, then print the signatures pages, sign and scan it, or insert a picture of your hand-signed signature into the boxes. Finally email your completed and signed form to Jon – jon@manorcourses.co.uk or upload it in the form below. 

Email attachments should ideally be printed and signed in the 2 places and then scanned: signatures are required for confirming qualifications and declaring fitness to work with young people. These declaration pages can scanned and emailed. Returning-staff are asked to fill in the form every year.

Applications should also include:
1. photos
2. scans of ID
3. scans of certificates.

Please email us to answer any of your questions.

Alternatively you can download and fill in the form and send all to us using the form below:

  • Max. file size: 512 MB.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Procedure summary:

We will… 1. contact your referees by email, post or phone (referees will be asked specifically whether there is any reason that you should not be employed in situations where you have responsibility for persons under 18); 2. verify qualifications or ask to see the original during a webcam interview and in the Induction; 3. arrange and conduct an online interview

If you are successful, we will… 1. send a confirmation of job offer by email; 2. send the contract and staff handbook; 3. send a sample rota of your work hours; 4. send the schedule for the induction course + a list of documents you will need to bring to start the Police / Criminal records check DBS procedure + tax forms + further details of the summer rota.

Induction… All staff members are expected to join our Induction Course.

Teachers’ & Leaders’ Zone – Professional development

Preparation for summer schools

Thinking about your welfare role this summer? All teachers and leaders would benefit from reading our Policies early.

Thinking about buying academic resources? Try one of our favourite suppliers of ELT books

Post summer job?

  • The Directors can also advise on teaching jobs and working conditions in many countries, and will provide a list of reliable job sites for ELT positions.
  • English UK is a good starting point for those that want to get abroad afterwards and need more advice on countries and courses.
  • We will also happily advise on further study or relevant teacher development courses that take place in UK. We have contacts with many training centres both in UK and abroad. Obviously the ideas and knowledge of another 20+ teachers is even more valuable.
  • This recent updated English UK site has great info for pre-qualified and post-qualified teachers and prospective teachers.

Qualifications queries?

  • We are committed to recruiting the most suitable candidates we can get, and an important part of this is the standards of teachers’ teaching certificates.
  • For straightforward advice on getting the best qualifications, see English UK’s advice on choosing the right course.

Non-native English speakers

  • We are committed to recruiting the most suitable candidates we can get, and are proud to welcome a range of English teachers from a number of countries and native tongues. We accept applications from qualified teachers that have the Right to Reside or Right to Work in UK.
  • With the above in mind, we support TEFL Equity Advocates and look  forward to becoming more involved in the movement.
  • Currently there is a Facebook group and a blog by the founder.
  • Follow the link below:

tefl equity