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Summer 2016 was super!

We would like to start 2017 with a short review of one of our most successful years recently. 2016 as a fantastic summer for us, and we hope the students, agents and staff all agree. Firstly, we welcomed a very wide range of nationalities last summer. During 1 week...

A little look at our Lessons

A little look at our Lessons

We are proud of the variety of lessons, topics and target language that are in place in the English programme. And some of the work the students create is always entertaining. New classes will begin tomorrow, yesterday we had our last big groups arrive. This morning...

The History of Manor Courses

The History of Manor Courses

Where do we begin.....? Summer schools didn't really exist in the 1960’s ~ In 1969 there were very few residential summer schools. Dr Friedrich, an educationalist who had set up many language institutions around the world, was looking for something special to offer...

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