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Looking ahead to an exciting week in class

Our latest MC videos Let’s take a look at what classes 5a and 5b are doing this week. Their teachers, Summer and Juliana, have prepared a notice board display of the content of each different lesson in our CLEAR syllabus. It looks like the week ahead is going to be engaging and fun in...

A new, CLEARER syllabus

A new, CLEARER syllabus Each year, we welcome students of ages 7-17 to Manor Courses. For the younger learners, aged 7-11, we have created a new syllabus with the acronym CLEARER, in which students study lessons entitled Communication, Language, Experience, Activate, Recreation, Explore and...

Student focus group

Our latest MC videos On Monday 15th July the English department held their first ever student focus group. Each class (from pre-intermediate level upwards) had elected a class representative, and the 14 students met with Aaron, the director of studies, and Andy, an assistant director of...
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