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The Importance Of Etiquette

The Importance Of Etiquette

From an early age, we are taught about the importance of ‘good etiquette’. We’re taught to be polite, to be considerate, to eat properly, walk correctly, talk in a certain way. But what is etiquette, what is it for and how can it help you learn a language?

Summer 2016 was super!

We would like to start 2017 with a short review of one of our most successful years recently. 2016 as a fantastic summer for us, and we hope the students, agents and staff all agree. Firstly, we welcomed a very wide range of nationalities last summer. During 1 week...

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As we finish our final lessons, we would like parents and agents to know a little more about our academic programme for our younger learners. Read the blog... manorcourses.co.uk/a-new-clea…

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