Date: 20th July

Hello to all our readers,

It was an extraordinary day here at Manor Courses as we embarked on a fascinating journey to the historic city of Oxford. The day was filled with adventures, learning, and creating beautiful memories.

Our day began bright and early at 7 am, where our eager young participants prepared for an exciting day ahead. After a comfortable coach drive, we reached the enchanting city of Oxford around 11 am. The children had the opportunity to explore the city at their own pace during some free shopping time. It was heartening to see them enthusiastically interacting with the local culture.

But that’s not all; we also had a thrilling educational tour lined up for the children. Some of our school groups opted for an Oxford sightseeing bus tour, and it turned out to be a delightful experience for everyone involved. Imagine sitting on an open-top bus, soaking in the picturesque views while listening to audio narrations about historical monuments and fascinating facts about Oxford’s past. The children were visibly engaged, and their curiosity about the city’s heritage was truly inspiring.

The educational aspect of the tour allowed our young learners to connect with the city on a deeper level, as they discovered Oxford’s prestigious history and the luminaries who once walked its hallowed halls.

After an eventful day of sightseeing, we headed back to Hurst College, where a warm welcome awaited us. The evening ended on a delicious note as the children enjoyed a scrumptious meal of freshly prepared pasta. Ensuring everyone’s well-being and happiness is our top priority, and a satisfying meal was the perfect way to wrap up the day’s adventures.

As we bid you all goodnight, we hope the children are dreaming about the wonderful memories they made today. Tomorrow holds even more exciting experiences, and we can’t wait to share them with you in our next blog update.

Sleep tight, and until next time!

Warm regards, The Manor Courses Team