Date: 17th July 2023

Greetings from Manor Courses!

Yesterday was a day of joy and excitement as we welcomed new young adventurers from China, Portugal, Italy, France, and Monaco to our international language camp. With open arms and smiling faces, we embraced the diversity that enriches our summer camp experience.

To start the day on a high note, a delicious and hearty breakfast awaited our campers. Energized and eager to explore, the children were then presented with an array of activities to choose from, catering to their varied interests and passions. Whether it was unleashing their creativity in the Art sessions, grooving to the beats in the music classes, or engaging in friendly competition through a range of sports, there was something for everyone.

After a satisfying lunch, our attentive staff guided the new arrivals to their rooms, where they were welcomed into the warm embrace of their new Manor Courses families. Creating a sense of belonging and comfort is crucial for us, as we strive to make our campers feel at home away from home.

The fun and excitement continued throughout the afternoon, with laughter and camaraderie filling the air. Our participants made new friends, exchanged cultural experiences, and immersed themselves in the diverse and vibrant atmosphere of our language camp.

As evening approached, a delectable dinner of tasty chicken kebabs accompanied by a fresh salad awaited the children. Nourished and content, they headed back to their houses, where they had some much-needed rest time before bedtime. It is during this quiet time that our young learners can reflect on their day’s adventures and prepare themselves for another exciting day ahead.

At Manor Courses, our days are filled with laughter, learning, and unforgettable moments. As the sun sets, we bid farewell to the day, knowing that new adventures and experiences await our campers when they wake up.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue this incredible journey together!

Warm regards, The Manor Courses Team