We are happy to announce the weekly schedule and daily timetable for this summer. The new English course now fits into 4 days of your week, and some of the lessons in the afternoon are 90 minutes long. Part of the new English course also includes a fun blend of weekly sessions with the English Teachers and the Activities Leaders, using the various cool facilities we have to do different challenges, projects, competitions and performances.

The Sample Schedule is here.

Our classic excursions remain mostly the same. We look forward to discovering how some of our local cities and towns have changed since 2019. So please join us on these trips now we have the chance to travel abroad again. Note that many shops do not accept cash these days.

The Student Handbook is here.

Our rules and systems have not changed much, but some of the houses have been revamped and the campus is looking smart. Many staff from 2019 will be back, and we are really excited to work with many more fresh new faces in all of our departments. They will confidently educate and entertain and care for you. You can find out more about the days and weeks in our Student Handbook.