The directors at MC, the Barnard family, are very happy to have received bookings from groups from many returning agents and also some new groups from new nationalities. Amongst these are some of the Group Leaders who consistently brought groups before covid.

We not only have new group and agents, but also the new course we attempted to launch in 2020. We hope to welcome a group to spend a week immersing in the regular course with international classmates, and then do a week focussed on performing arts and the theme of Harry Potter.

Additionally we have received bookings from parents who have heard about our reputation from word-of-mouth or seen our online information, and that is without any extra promotions. In fact January is usually early for such plans to be confirmed.

We really look forward to 2023’s opportunity to re-unite and also give everyone the chance to make new friends. The Quad will be filled with some of our old Group Leaders as they meet their students daily. And if we had half of the staff we last had in 2019 coming back, we would be extremely happy.

Please look out for more updates from us, and we will look forward to hearing from you…..