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Let’s take a look at what classes 5a and 5b are doing this week. Their teachers, Summer and Juliana, have prepared a notice board display of the content of each different lesson in our CLEAR syllabus. It looks like the week ahead is going to be engaging and fun in class. Our students and their group leaders like looking at our displays in the corridors and finding out what will be happening in class each week. Let’s look at each lesson type individually…


Summer has planned the full week, and it looks like the lessons are going to be really interesting. We have daily topics for the teachers to build a lesson around. Our Communication lessons focus on fluency and give our learners the opportunity to express themselves, exchange information and use new vocabulary and grammatical structures in a clear context.


The focus of Juliana’s class is going to be sickness and injury. Our students will learn lots of new vocabulary and will study modal verbs and ways of asking for and giving advice. Our Language lessons concentrate on accuracy and our students really benefit from detailed analysis of a wide range of grammatical structures using one of our engaging course books for teenage learners. Consolidation of the target language comes in the form of a role play in a hospital; students first study a particular structure in detail and are then given the chance to use the new language.

Very effective!


E is for EXPLORE

Every Sunday, there is a full day trip to one of England’s most famous cities! This week, our students are heading off to London and Portsmouth and are really excited about it all! Before they go, however, we have a 60 minute afternoon lesson preparing them for the excursion. They will learn about the history of the destination, the programme for the trip, great places to eat, drink and go shopping, and, importantly, road safety. They’ll tell their teachers all about it when they get back, too!



This week’s theme is Survival. During the afternoon, our activity leaders here at MC will be leading our students in lots of fun outdoor activities. Our teachers don’t want to miss out on all the fun so we have a 60 minute afternoon lesson on the same theme – our way of blending the English lessons and the activity programme together. Cool! Imagine a zombie attack! What would you do? Summer and Juliana’s pre-intermediate classes will practise hypothetical language in a really fun way.


R is for REVIEW

Every Wednesday afternoon we have a short review test. This is a great chance for all our students to check their progress and consolidate their learning. The content of the test will come from the morning Communication and Language lessons. We are sure that they will all get good results after such a stimulating and varied week of engaging lessons. Good luck, everyone!

So that’s what classes 5a and 5b are doing this week. Thanks to teachers, Summer and Juliana, for preparing a great week of lessons!


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