We are excited about current plans to have our star academic/teaching team run again by Aaron, Josie and Drazen, who all managed the academics in 2023.

They have all worked as managers at MC and elsewhere, and have been teachers for many years. Indeed, Aaron simply loves coming back to the summer school and has worked with us for over 10 years – helping us succeed with 3 British Council inspections!

They will be assisted by lots of popular returnee teachers, including, for example, long-term teacher Dave from Brighton, who always excels and pushes our highest-level students to new levels. Dave runs online English classes that many students can benefit from before or after the summer school – take a look at his website here http://www.onlineenglishclasses.co.uk/.

The cast of online teachers working with Dave includes a fantastic pool of talent who have all taught for MC before. We’re looking forward to seeing them again!