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We know that choosing a language school requires careful research and there are some crucial factors to consider before you select a specific school.

In this blog post we offer some of the most important considerations before you choose a language school.


There are many language schools operating in the UK, but not all schools adhere to stringent standards of care and educational provision.

Manor Courses is accredited by the British Council, which runs in partnership with English UK and is a quality assurance scheme for UK providers of courses in English as a foreign language (EFL).

All schools accredited by the British Council are inspected on a four-yearly basis, supported by unannounced interim visits between inspections. This accreditation provides our students with the assurance that they are receiving a quality educational experience that meets or exceeds quality standards in management, resources and environment, teaching, welfare and care of under 18s.

Read our latest British Council report

summer-school-excursions-stonehengeCountry of study

English is the third most common native language in the world so there is an abundance of choice in where to travel to learn English, but learning English in the UK makes sense for a number of reasons.

Firstly the UK is the home of the English language! Learning English here means that our students learn more about the historical and cultural influences that have shaped the English language. This enhances and deepens their learning.

The UK also offers visitors a rich cultural history with world-renowned literature, cinema and music. Students coming to Manor Courses gain valuable insights into our heritage through activities and excursions including trips to London, Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton and to many other unique destinations.

For students from outside Europe, the UK also offers easy access to many wonderful European destinations, such as the beautiful city of Paris, which can be reached by the Eurostar in just over 2 hours from London.

Class size

Some English Language schools are solely focused on income so much so that they will sacrifice the quality of learning. Squeezing too many students into a class means that students do not get an adequate level of attention from the class teacher.

At Manor Courses we limit class size to 15, this is the optimal number to ensure that every learner receives the best level of attention whilst being in a vibrant and dynamic learning environment.


Young leaners need a wide variety of fun activities to make their stay at a language school as enjoyable as possible.

Manor Courses prides itself on being able to offer our students a hugely varied environment with which to support our students learning opportunities. Hurst is set in 140 acres of beautiful grounds and parklands and facilities include a dedicated sports complex, two floodlit all-weather pitches, heated swimming pool, tennis courts, art studio, dance studio, theatre and IT centre.

Our students enjoy a wide variety of experiences inside and outside the classroom. Whether the activity is sport, dance, drama, art, a talent show, horse riding, adventure sports or an excursion, our students are provided with an incredible variety of opportunities to learn English in a welcoming and safe environment.

Find out more about the activities we offer!

Nationality mix

One of the real strengths of any good language school is the ability to provide a culturally diverse mix of students.

We actively aim to mix 4 or more nationalities per class so that our students benefit from a richer cultural mix. This creates a dynamic learning environment for our students and broadens their language learning opportunities, plus it enhances their understanding about the wider world around them.


Choosing a school that is located in an area that is well connected by transport and that offers students the maximum opportunities for exposure to the UK’s best tourist destinations means your child gets a full educational, cultural and social experience.

Manor Courses offers the best of both worlds. The school is located in the English countryside, close to the seaside town of Brighton and only 25 minutes from London Gatwick and 60 min from London Heathrow. This allows our students to get a taste of peaceful rural England as well as the cultural diversity of local cities.


Language schools come and go, so choosing a school that has been in operation for a good number of years is a further guarantee that the school has developed the experience and know how to provide the best experience possible for it’s students.

We have been running the Summer School for over 45 years and have hosted over 15,000 students during that time. We pride ourselves on our long-standing reputation as one of the best English Summer schools in the UK.

Find out more about the school and it’s history!

By making sure that the language school you choose is an established, accredited school with a good location and a strong reputation you are sure to have a great time learning English in the UK.

If you need any further advice then just click the link below and get in touch – we’d be glad to offer you our help!

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