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Each year, we welcome students of ages 7-17 to Manor Courses. For the younger learners, aged 7-11, we have created a new syllabus with the acronym CLEARER, in which students study lessons entitled Communication, Language, Experience, Activate, Recreation, Explore and Review.

We have some fantastic teachers who encourage learning through discovery and interaction. Here’s what they’ve been up to this summer…

In this Experience lesson students learnt about the rock cycle and the three different types of rocks. Then they went outside to collect some rocks from the garden area of the campus and they classified their samples according to properties of size, texture and appearance.

This is a fun activity from a Language lesson; working on the phonetic alphabet while playing fruit salad.

In this Language lesson, students worked on the past simple, and learnt some wild animal vocabulary. Here’s some work they did to combine these two topics – writing short stories about what some wild animals did last weekend. What an imaginative way to learn grammar!

During this outdoor Experience lesson students applied knowledge about plants and flowers (types and parts) into a real-life scientific context by collecting information about the flowers on campus and dissecting them in order to study them better.

In this Explore lesson students explored the top tourist attractions of London and gave directions to mixed-nationality tourists, reading an interactive map.

This was a group project in a Communication lesson where the students designed the front page for the fictional ‘MC News’. Some of the students had visited the Sealife Centre in Brighton on their half-day excursion, so they chose this as the main feature of their colourful front pages.
This activity was not only lots of fun for the students, it also helped them practice using adjectives to describe the marine animals that they saw.

In this Communication class, students did a role play to practice shopping for snacks and food. By the end of the lesson, they were able to identify Sterling money, and use functional language to buy things from the class ‘shop’. This is also proving to be useful for their time here at MC, when they visit the tuck shop in break and lunch time.

These new Junior classes provide a great opportunity for our young learners to learn in many different ways, and most importantly, to have fun while speaking English!

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