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We are proud of the variety of lessons, topics and target language that are in place in the English programme. And some of the work the students create is always entertaining.

New classes will begin tomorrow, yesterday we had our last big groups arrive. This morning those students did their paper Grammar and Vocabulary Test, and then took an Oral Test, interviewed by one of our teachers. By the end of this afternoon all students will be placed in an appropriate class for their abilities.

A sample of a lesson in week 2:

Saturday 18th July, 2015  ‘You are what you eat’ by Maria’s class

During this English lesson, students discussed the importance of eating healthily and the disadvantages of consuming junk food on a daily basis. An interesting debate about this topic took place where they showed some prior knowledge that they picked up from home. Finally, using culinary vocabulary, they wrote a recipe about their favourite dish. It was an absolute pleasure seeing the students so engaged in such a contemporary topic and having their own personal opinions towards it. This was demonstrated not only in their speaking but also in their writing which involved the pleasure of eating healthily and nutritious food. A wonder if they enjoyed the weekly English cooked breakfast on Saturday?

english breakfast

A sample of a topic last week:

Thursday 23rd July 2015 “MC 90, the summer school of the future” by various classes

Last week we had many groups do an artistic lesson designing the MC summer of the future, MC on it’s 90th anniversary. what would that look like? well, many students worked in pairs to think about it, and came up with some great ideas. their poster were displayed and the winning group won #MealPasses. Meal Passes are a much prized reward in our English programme that motivate students to participate and encourages good behaviour. Will we still be using Meal Passes in the #MC90. This activity was ideal for the day when half of the class’s friends were leaving and being a creative kept those students who were not leaving in class.

mc space school
A sample topic next week:

One of the highlights of the activity programme next week is the Talent Show. Lessons on that day will also combine the English learning and practice experience with the theme of ‘time travel’. This may cover the history of MC in it’s 45th year,  and may look at periods of history of mankind. Obviously this will be personalised with students’ knowledge and experience, a critical part of our MC English lessons. This year we have been celebrating the 45th anniversary and some teachers will choose to bring this theme into the morning’s lesson tasks.

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