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This year we’re pleased to announce some additional services, which are available to all students staying with us this summer!

Free ‘Academic Prep’ service

If you are thinking about studying or working in an English speaking country in the future, or perhaps you have English exams later in the year then we’ve put together the ‘academic prep service’ as an accompaniment to our General English Course.

The service covers 4 thematic areas:

Leadership & Management
Life & Study in the UK
Speech & Critical Thinking

The sessions take place over a two-week period and are a fantastic way of furthering your English. Any student can join any of the sessions and will be an ideal alternative to the sports/art/music/drama etc. programmes that are offered in the evenings and afternoons.

Each session is 90 minutes and run by experienced member of staff who know about our students and other facets of academic life in UK/USA/New Zealand. Plus there is no extra charge for these workshops!

Private tuition courses

Along with your daily English learning we also offer private one-to-one tuition courses, which give you the chance to focus on any area of English that you are particularly interested in focusing on.

Areas you may wish to focus on could include:

• Fluency and oral communication
• Grammar and analysing your common mistakes
• Exam focus with our team of trained/experienced exam teachers.

There is flexibility about when you choose to take this additional study and you can choose the times so that you can also attend any other activity/academic sessions that you are interested in.

Find out more about our Private Study options >>

New activities for 2018

Swimming Lessons

Only for students with a high English level. Good English communicators who wish to learn how to swim or develop their swimming skills can take swimming lessons as part of our afternoon range of activities.

Sessions cost £35 per hour and can be taken as one-to-one lessons or in small groups of 2-3 should you wish to learn with friends/siblings.

Tennis Lessons

If you have ambitions to be the next Roger Federer or Andy Murray then now you have the perfect opportunity to learn to play tennis from a professional tennis coach! Lessons can be taken during the afternoon and cost £35 per hour. Perfect your lob and swing and who knows you may be a Wimbledon champion one day!

Don’t forget we also offer horse riding lessons and professional football training. Both activities are available to book when you enrol. You can find out more about all out additional extra activities here >>.

Have a look and if you have any questions then get in touch and let us know!

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