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We welcome 2016 with lots of exciting news for this coming year, and with reviews from a very successful 2015.

We began 2015, as many students and staff know, with plans to celebrate our 45 years of history. We introduced a new temporary logo to incorporate the UK flag, the Union Jack, and also some new colours to distinguish our birthday logo from all previous ones. During summer we were happy to sell a limited number of 45 T-shirts with this special MC 45 design on. We also organised lots of special birthday and historical themed events throughout summer. The 2 Talent Shows were themed around time travel through the ages, and the legacy of the Summer School.

We took some amazing photos of these events, but the most special was the MC 45, with all students stood up in the shape of MC 45. The shop also had amazing deals and discounts, and the numbers 4 and 5 kept occurring in the dates we scheduled these events, and in the shop prices and discounts. Also throughout summer we celebrated the year 1970, when MC started, not just 2015. Our Twitter and Instagram profiles became regular features of our communication with students too. Last year was also special because it saw us welcome students from some new countries, including Peru.

However, as soon as summer was over, 2016 was being planned. 2 weeks after leaving Hurst, Nick was in London promoting our Summer School experience to new agents from all over the world. This was at the large industry event Study World Fair.

Before the end of the year we finalised all dates and excursions for summer, and job descriptions are ready to be published and advertised. The new 2016 excursion programme will include a new day trip location, to Bath and Stonehenge, both are great British monuments full of history. The learning opportunities as well as leisure experiences the students will get will enrich their summer course if they come on those weeks.

Since 2016 began we have started organising another big event for MC. This summer the British Council will inspect the college, and visit us for 3 days. They will check our standards and talk with both students and group leaders, and staff too.

Importantly, we decided this year we re-brand a little again. Taking inspiration from many new ideas we had when looking at the MC 45 logo, we decided on new colours and fonts, and again, incorporating g a bit of the Union Jack into our corporate image.

New brochures have been printed and we were happy to include the testimonials that verify the satisfaction of both students and group leaders that were at Hurst, and the parents when they welcomed their children back home.

Lastly, the MC Head Office will be moving location in early spring. We will publish our new address and contact details at the time.

See you in summer!


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