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This week some of the students worked on creating animations using clay and computers. This was a great mix of traditional creative skills, making models, and some technology involving editing software.

Here is an example of one:

For these sessions we  were very happy to welcome Lara from local company Press Play Films for the first time at MC summer school. Lara is very experienced with running these workshops for children, and we would it would be great to offer this to our students.

Here is another film:

Lara helped children to realise their ideas for clay animating by helping them to produce clay models and simple sets, using animation clay, animation theatres and coloured paper backdrops. Children photographed and edited their animations using laptops, web cams and animation software. They produced a series of short high-quality animations to keep.

Check another video:

We will be welcoming students and Lara to participate in more sessions on 21st. This year we are keen to develop our students’ creative skills, as we have announced many times before. Our talent show is coming up in a week, so look out for photos or videos soon after the event, on 15th July.

And finally one more for you to watch:

We complete the series of specialised sessions by offering also our circus skills workshop, provided by Bezerkaz Circus, and stage combat workshop, provided by Squire.

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